BFICoin to the moon — $100 Possible?

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3 min readMar 15, 2022


The world is full of endless opportunities. With the constant advancement and progression, the realm of possibilities has expanded beyond our imagination. No one anticipated cryptocurrency to blow up as it did. Most of the “experts” were skeptical about Bitcoin and expected it to fail miserably. Yet Bitcoin is still standing strong even after all these years.

One tends to wonder, what are the possibilities of Altcoins reaching the level of Bitcoin? Since Bitcoin is the pioneer, is this even possible? The simple answer is: YES! Anything is possible. All it requires is the right strategy and the right technology.

BFIC is a cryptocurrency that depicts the utter confidence of being the best Altcoin. The technology behind BFIC is innovative, improved, and unlike anything the crypto world has ever seen. BFICoin is not just a simple tradable coin; rather, it has a strong utility that will be beneficial for many years to come.

Utility of BFIC

Fiat currency has widespread use and utility. It can be used in exchange for goods and services all over the world. The currency with the highest utility and global acceptance is the US Dollar. Similarly, a cryptocurrency with high utility is the one that will have long-term usage as well as widespread acceptance. Bitcoin does not fit the bill. Although it has the highest market value, it still doesn’t have widespread utility.

BFICoin, alternatively, is a cryptocurrency that will eventually be used all over the world through its ecosystem. The ecosystem is thoughtfully designed to include all kinds of business and daily use applications. We can say for sure that once the ecosystem is up and running it will reveal the full potential of BFICoin.

Most of the altcoins we see are manipulated to increase or decrease in value. BFICoin is a community-guided cryptocurrency whose value is relatively stable. But it is expected to increase a lot once most of the supply is in circulation. Having a limited supply plays a vital role because once the supply runs out and demand increases, the value of BFICoin will skyrocket. BFICoin is expected to release its maximum supply over 5 years. Some of it will be traded while most of it will be confined to the ecosystem.

BFIC to the moon

BFICoin will not only reach $100 but will gradually cross it. It will ultimately become the most powerful and highly valued cryptocurrency. Even more so than Bitcoin. One major reason is that BFICoin functions on a highly secure and superfast blockchain technology. Blockchain technology allows for many transactions to take place per second. All of the data is kept safe in a triple-layered architecture which makes it immune to external threats.

Blockchain technology is available for scrutiny by the public. It is designed perfectly to withstand the test of time. In general, investors prefer to invest in a project that has clearly defined functionality and plans. Even if the cryptocurrency is volatile, investors choose the devil they know over the devil they don’t. As a result, stable governance in areas where things are generally difficult to alter might be beneficial by offering more stable prices.

Future of BFIC

As of now, BFICoin is tradeable on XchangeOn. But soon it will be available on all major exchanges around the world. Easy access will drive the price and value of BFIC upwards. The crypto market is experiencing cutthroat competition. There are thousands of coins and tokens being launched every day.

But the cryptocurrency that provides future usefulness will win the race. BFICoin is focused on achieving the long-term goals that are defined in the roadmap. It is gradually progressing towards creating a financially independent digital economy.

BFIC additionally aims at replacing the traditional fiat currency on the digital platform. That is indeed the ultimate future of the digital world. Moreover, BFIC is placing great emphasis on NFTs. NFT is the future of digital media in all forms. BFIC Blockchain will assist the creation and selling of NFTs in the future. NFTs are also promoted in the BFIC’s ecosystem where NFTs games are included.

Overall BFIC is a power-packed cryptocurrency that is here to revolutionize the cryptocurrencies. It is indeed the need of the hour that will provide the much needed stability in the crypto world.

Originally published on at November 23, 2021



BFIC #1 Sponsor of Consensus 2024

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