BFIC — An Altcoin set to take over Bitcoin?

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3 min readNov 22, 2021

The invention of Cryptocurrency is termed as the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” by experts. The impact of this new technology is so profound that even the economic and industrial sectors couldn’t help but get affected by it. The emergence of Bitcoin along with blockchain technology has highlighted how outdated the current banking system and fiat currency is. It also indicated how badly revolutionizing digital currency was needed.

Bitcoin started gaining immense popularity after grabbing the attention of a few prominent personalities. The blockchain technology was the true reason for its massive success. We have yet to see an industry that has progressed as rapidly as Crypto Industry. Over a decade, the crypto industry has increased immensely in value and is now worth trillions of dollars.

Dominance Over the Crypto World:

For over 10 years, Bitcoin has managed to maintain its dominance over the crypto world. Being the pioneer of cryptocurrency, it has taken its rightful place as the Crypto King while all other Altcoins follow its pursuit. Most of the cryptocurrencies try their best to imitate bitcoin and claim the title of being the number one cryptocurrency. But none has been worthy enough to even get close until now.

BFICoin is a cryptocurrency worthy of competing directly with Bitcoin. BFIC is backed by advanced and improved blockchain technology that is powerful, secure, scalable, and lightning-fast. BFICoin is the cryptocurrency of the next generation.

BFIC Vs Bitcoin

It is evident through history that overtime changes and improvements are needed in all kinds of technologies. The IT industry has come a long way in all these years. Similarly, Bitcoin, though still the best cryptocurrency, lacked certain aspects that needed improvement and advancement.

When Ethereum came with the new concept of smart contracts, it elevated blockchain technology and is now the second-best cryptocurrency in the world. But Ethereum still lacks scalability and is unstable due to constant blockchain changes.

BFIC, on the other hand, combines all the positive features of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and TRON and generates an algorithm that lowers the cost per transaction, provides the highest security and is better suited to replacing conventional payment methods in the future. Not only this, but BFICoin is a community-based cryptocurrency that has already established its roots all over the world.

One major disadvantage of Bitcoin is that it has reached such a high value that it is almost unapproachable for crypto-newbies. The supply of it will also exhaust soon, thereby making it nearly impossible to own a Bitcoin. BFIC has the same maximum supply of 21,000,000 as Bitcoin. But unlike Bitcoin, people still have the opportunity to buy excessive BFIC for the future.

Full-Fledged Utility Coin:

BFIC is a high-utility coin as it is backed by an ecosystem. The ecosystem is fully equipped with a variety of projects. For example, the BFIC Network is a stake-mining platform that utilizes BFIC for registration and for staking as well. The high yield rewards given are also in BFIC. All applications included in the ecosystem are future-oriented and can be used in day-to-day life.

Therefore, it is safe to say that BFIC will eventually turn into a full-fledged utility coin that will be easily acceptable and tradeable. Not only will BFIC be able to directly compete with Bitcoin but will eventually take over it as the most valuable cryptocurrency.

BFIC — The Only Future of Crypto

There are three main reasons why BFIC will increase in price and will be able to sustain itself over time. Firstly, BFIC has a loyal community at its back. The community is invested in the project wholeheartedly and will eventually drive the price upwards.

Secondly, it has one of the strongest blockchain technology with advanced upgrades that will be needed for future smart contract functionalities. And thirdly, unlike Bitcoin, BFIC is concerned about the environment and is working towards being a ‘Green’ cryptocurrency. BFIC utilized energy efficiently. It gets the job done and protects the environment.

Most of the cryptocurrencies are either tracking Bitcoin or Ethereum. If any one of them suffers because of market conditions, chances are the altcoin will suffer as well. BFIC is free of such constraining and correlations making it an independent cryptocurrency with clearly defined future plans.

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BFIC #1 Sponsor of Consensus 2024

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